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“My name is Cindy Leonhardt. I have gone to Aberdeen Massage since March 2017. I have been in pain for many year. Mostly neck, between the shoulder blades, lower back, hips, and thighs.

I have seen many chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists. All of these people could help me to some extent, but not to where I could work on the farm without pain for a long period of time.

Since seeing Kelsey and Russell, I have been able to work more and do my daily chores almost pain-free! Every week it’s better and better!

With their massage techniques, they have helped me live a mostly pain-free life and for that I am very thankful.”

With their massage techniques, Russell & Kelsey have helped me live a mostly pain-free life and for that I am very thankful.”
— Cindy


"I have been incredibly impressed with my integrative treatments with Russell. He clearly has a firm grasp on not only physiology, but energy. As a yoga therapist, I appreciate his holistic approach and his intuitive ability readjust and align the body and mind.

I also love his knowledge of essential oils and ability to integrate them intelligently with clients who appreciate them.

I recommend his services wholeheartedly." 



I did really enjoy my massage!  It was very relaxing, with the exception of a few tight areas, but they always feel better after being worked on. 

It was also very informative. I was very impressed at how you knew when a certain area was tender, sore or tight that I didn’t even know was until you hit that spot and a couple areas (like on the side of my foot), you knew was a problem area and I had not even mentioned it. 

You do an awesome job and you really know the body.  The only downside now is waiting for 2 months to come back and see you for a massage.

Thank you so much!  

Russell has done incredible work for me that has significantly improved my ability to function day-to-day. I went to him with severe problems with decreased blood flow and loss of feeling in my hands, issues that had been plaguing me for years with increasing severity and affecting my ability to work and function. I was at a point where I would have trouble even holding on to objects at times, and dropping things without meaning to.

By the end of our first session I had noticeably more color in my hands, and a dramatically increased grip strength, in addition to increased feeling and sensation in my hands. Over the course of several more sessions, we’ve been able to address the root causes of my issues and make long-lasting improvements that allow me full and reliable use of my hands. Russell has been able to restore a quality of life that I had been missing for years, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to address their own problems and discomforts.
— Ryan Clay

In the 10 years I’ve been receiving massages I’m happy to say I’ve found my final resting place. I started my experience at Aberdeen Massage with Kelsey over a year ago and after hearing so many wonderful things about Russell I had to give him a shot when she brought him onboard.

You can feel his energy as soon as you come into room. Such light, calm, serene energy. I am hypermobile and have serious neck and shoulder issues so I am more prone to deep tissue massages that really get in there and work the knots out. While Russell is certainly capable of deep tissue, he also incorporates other massage methods to really get to the root of the problem. He has a passion for helping others and is very thorough while maintaining a very professional approach.

When the massage is over, I feel relaxed to the point of exhaustion and my body feels free of knots and the pain I had previously. You should definitely schedule with Russell if you’re looking to be free from pain, as well as be surrounded by such incredibly uplifting energy. I am so happy that I have found this hidden gem in Aberdeen!
— Jessica Peterson

I received a prenatal massage for 60 min from Russell here, for some chronic neck & shoulder issues. Before I went I hadn’t been able to sleep and barely function during the day.

Russell saved me and my sanity by getting to the root of the problem!! He was very knowledgeable and informative! All the while keeping it quiet and relaxing how I like it! I was a little skeptical about paying the price before but was desperate and booked the appt. I am so thankful I did and will be going back!

I received more out of this massage than I’ve ever had anywhere else! He’s worth every penny I spent! Anyone looking for a good place to go, look no further, Russell is the one!! Thank you Russell and I’ll see you again!
— Mindy Raisanen